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The ARI GOLD of the Headhunting Biz

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a fascination for the beautiful game - football. I understood from the start that it was never meant to only be a sport, but a true religion. It isn't so much just about 11 v 11 on a grass pitch with a ball, but it's about supporting YOUR club through the thick and thin. Growing up in the 90’s, like every other Asian kid I decided to support Manchester United. Every Saturday I would get up at 7am PST [back then lunch time kickoffs weren't in place yet, if I remember correctly] and celebrated every Beckham setpiece that led to a Andy Cole or a Dwight Yorke headed goal, which were more than I could count. I even got into some online banter with the dirty Leeds fans, which effectively earned me the title of a “prawn-sandwich eating, Malaysian glory-hunting Manc”. Watching Ryan Giggs, Becks, Scholes, as well as the likes of look so simple. Bergkamp, Henry, Ronaldo, Zidane......I discovered that there was always one thing that stood out the most amongst these proper legends – their ability to make everything look so simple. They make it look so easy.

And just how does all this have anything to do with my new gig here at Idealpeople International (Beijing), you ask? Well, my new boss, Michael Wright [or 英大竜, as the Chinese ladies call him], makes it look so easy. He's a real badass.

And that was the main reason why I was able to make my mind up about coming all the way to Beijing from the heavenly Vancouver BC in just a week's time. I took my best mate's recommendation, flew into the PRC with 2 suitcases of clothes just a few days after the curtains were drawn for the 2010 Winter Olympics [which
was a 2 week long public display of the most Canadian patriotism I have ever seen in my life], and sat my butt down next to THE MAN himself for one whole week, watching everything he did.
From scouring the ends of the earth for leads and for candidates, to doing phone interviews, to e-mailing cute non-English-natives asking genuinely the difference between a CV and a resume, to trying to pitch a job requiring relocation to a city over a thousand miles away from home to a candidate who literally just got married......I got to catch a big glimpse of just what Idealpeople and Michael Wright is really about.

On the last day of the work week, Friday [it’s been almost a year since I could say TGIF, afterall I have been working at a retail joint that made close to 40% of their entire revenue DURING the weekends], I was finally released into autonomy and began my first job assignment – candidate marketing. Easy enough, I thought.

Hours went by. No leads. Blindly typing away on LinkedIn and Google. Looking at big cheese with fancy job titles and personal assistants aplenty to take their calls. Running into brick walls. Not going to be a walk in the park at all, I realized. I can see why this guy is a legend. He really does make it look so easy.

About to give up, my mate gives me a heads up about this new big Head of Marketing APAC for a global credit card company. So, what the heck, thanks to the paths that have already been paved by our UK colleagues, I found the right route and gave him a call. Got put through. Got his assistant's number. "Let's setup a time to talk', he says. This really works! The training is paying off! One small step, no doubt, but mission accomplished for the day. Still too soon to celebrate though, I remind myself.

One more week later, which brings us to today, and now I have a client-candidate interview lined up. Still nothing concrete to show for all the hardwork, but success nonetheless and all thanks to the guidance and tutelage by the Great One. All in all, I am very excited to be a part of this team. This really feels like the start
of something great.

And now I sit in front of the tube and watched the entire Season 1 of Entourage with my mate, and guess what - Michael Wright is the Ari Gold of the headhunting biz!

Now back to talking about football, perhaps it's time I got around to visiting the Workers' Stadium and give Beijing Guoan a go.........

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Comment by Michael Wright on March 30, 2010 at 6:53am
Awwwwwww man.... this is awesome! Now go and do some deals before I make you into my "Lloyd"

Just kidding mate, you're showing some good skills and early promise. Just Remember - Tackle - Dribble - Aim - Shoot - Score!


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