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How to avoid the Skills Shortage - Employer/HR tips

Skills Shortage Averted! Top Tips For Employers

Although Idealpeople depend on having enough talent shortages around to give us enough recruiting problems to solve – we know that having a great recruitment strategy is about a multi-faceted approach.

So, from time to time, we don’t mind giving away nuggets of wisdom to the hiring universe as it makes us feel all warm and altruistic. We’re pretty confident it’s not just about the ‘theory’ but about having the practice to execute on the theory, and also having the time – something which is considered a precious commodity by many of our clients. Therefore, giving a little theory away from time to time, is a great thing.

Here we go then, with what we feel are top tips to avoid the pain created by talent shortages.

Navel Gazing
Look inwards and evaluate, using metrics how good or bad your business is at retaining A-players and then improve what you don’t do well. Understand what you’re A-player metrics are and what qualities the top performers in your business have. Measure Carefully! Bad Data IN = Bad Results OUT. Do not make talent management too rigid or bureaucratic – continually re-evaluate people across your business for suitability against existing and future assignments.

Local Best Practice Staffing Leads to Global Excellence
In other words, make sure that your local Recruiting Process is efficient, well-considered and effective, in attraction, on-boarding and employee development – this will feed in to the wider business operation, and providing you with an immediately diversified workforce. One of our own Idealpeople customers – Qualcomm have really nailed this as a strategy, and been the recipient of countless awards for excellence as a consequence:

Get Talent Management Right
Forget Recruiting for a second okay!. It’s imperative that a Company striving for excellence should have a talent management strategy which permeates the whole organisation, rather than a bunch of HR folks. Full employee engagement into a best in class Talent Management scheme is as a powerful weapon in the talent war, although difficult to accomplish.

Hard-Wire the Recruitment Plan into the Business Strategy.
Foresight is tough when you can’t make hard predictions on what your business will be turning over in say, 5 years time. Most entrepreneurs do write a short-cycle recruitment plan into their original business plan, however it’s key to make sure that you continually re-align your recruiting and talent plan dynamically with the business strategy.

Make your Recruiting Strategy Visible
Don’t restrict the responsibility for Talent Sourcing to a HR Department. If you have a Recruitment Plan truly aligned with your overall business objectives, it’s easy to communicate it’s importance to employees. This will also ease the introduction of an internal referral programme, and should give all managers a sense of the importance of Recruiting as part of what they do – rather than an administrative task owned by HR.

Use 3rd Parties to Help You Plan Ahead
I’ve only worked with a couple of clients who are smart enough to do this. In simple terms it’s just about forewarning your Headhunter and Contingent Recruiters, formally and ahead of time, that you will be looking for people who can do X in Jan, Y in Q2, and Z in Q3 and Q4. If you apply a partnership approach and act in a ‘far sighted’ way with your staffing partner, you are much more likely to yield good results from them, especially in terms of time (and therefore cost).

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