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Rock up to Pretty Mall. Anticipation stirring a few small butterflies.

After the warmest welcome from Michael and Jessi we get straight into it. An introduction into what is to come over the next 5 days…candidate processing, client processing, interviews and all that jazz.

Following a thorough guided tour with Michael (the man behind the set-up; an absolute legend) through Idealpeople’s extensive in-house database we move swiftly on to the key factor in opening the giant portal that is headhunting.


…6 networking sites later and the world is not feeling nearly as big anymore.

On Tuesday we meet JD, a bright young man with a dapper dress sense and a seriously impressive CV. It is decided that I will help in setting up an interview for him. Roll on Wednesday.

I make my first phone call. With a list of 92 VC companies, I’m spoilt for choice, but a systematic approach is definitely the way forward. It is not easy tracking down managing directors of large firms…on numerous occasions I was told that EVERYONE in the company was out…be it on a business trip or at a meeting. Began to feel like I would be lucky to even get past the front desk, but perseverance always pays off. Before I know it I’m hanging up the phone having successfully pitched JD and send through his CV ASAP.

Come Thursday and 26 companies later I arrive at one of the more promising firms. Time to make the call. It is difficult to read the vibe from the other end but Michael tells me it went really well. I am still too green to pick up on the nuances. All in good time. So I send the CV through and pray for a result. Bingo. Mr. Managing Director has gotten back and wants to meet him the following day.

Needless to say JD nails it although they are very sorry to not have the right position for him at this point in time. A real shame for all parties. I do however manage to talk my way into helping with a search for a position which is open for a portfolio company. In the words of a famous ‘Kazakhstani’: Great success!

All in all, an amazing first week. A taste of the most exciting kind of career that has got me charged up! Can’t wait to see where it all leads. Time for a celebration of sorts

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Comment by NickG on September 2, 2008 at 11:11am
Corinne - a big welcome from Idealpeople UK!

I am distraught that no-one has dropped you a line to say hello or introduce themselves. From the sound of it, you had a pretty stellar first week, so congrats to you - and here's to it continuing for a long time!

You'll be pleased to know you're in safe hands - if there's anyone I would want to learn the recruiting game from, it would be Mikey. A true trailblazing recruiter who will guarantee you success..

So, a big welcome, and lots of luck. Hope to see you in the UK at some point when the China office is flying (or better still, maybe I'll get to come and see you).

Hope you don't mind...but I'm going to pinch this for the corporate blog....

Take it easy,



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